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We are trusted consulting company.

SRV Immigration Services is a global, immigration consulting firm that helps clients from all over the world to meet their immigration goals by providing them with the very best and most cost-effective immigration services. We are specialising in Canada Immigration policy and advice. We offer a customer focused and responsive service that provides our clients with clear, accurate and impartial Canada Immigration advice.

Immigrating to Canada is a goal for many people! Whether you are moving to the Canada permanently or relocating for work, you’ll undoubtedly have questions about the right visas and exactly what you need to prepare to make your dream a reality.

We value your dream and don’t give fake hopes but genuine support only. We work on our toes, keep you filled with changes in immigration laws and handle even the most complex case swiftly and effectively. Whether you are looking for assistance for Student, Work, Parent, Partner or Travel Visa, we provide high-quality immigration services for all sorts of visa applications.

Our dedicated team of licensed immigration consultants knows and understands that every person or every family has individual situations, and so our focus is on you and your family as individuals.

It is important to realise that as soon as you lodge an application online, it is out of your hands. Your application goes straight to a dedicated Canada Immigration team who are equipped with powerful artificial intelligence and tools to determine your application. Do not take unnecessary risks. Get in touch with us early, and get the best legal team on your side to work on your behalf to get justice for your case. Take our free assessment to find the best pathway for you to immigrate to Canada.

"Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn about our firm. We are delighted you visited us and I warmly invite you to contact me personally with any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you."
-Roohi Thakkar – Director